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About Us


We are involved in design, consultance and application business in geotechnical field FOR :  The investigation, evaluation, design and application of the most accurate, practical, safest and feasible solution for the detection and elimination of the problems that require proficiency and arise during the formation of the direct relationship between the engineering structures and the soil which they are over, under or surrounded by,

Satisfying the demand for the geotechnical applications that require special equipment and proficiency which are designed by other companies, besides our own projects,

Informing our customers and to help them in understanding the importance and necessity of the foundation engineering applications, which they need but are not aware of, in the geotechnical applications field,

For being a production platform, where our employees can shape their future of their own will, by preserving and improving the values they own.


PİAR Engineering and Consultancy ;

Is a pioneer and leader company; which makes the world wide technologies related to the geotechnical applications applicable in Turkey, and known as the provider of the most accurate, safest and best suggestions and solutions, whose proficiency is proven not only in its country but world wide and who has taken the responisibility of being the main contractor in the biggest projects of its field.


Humanity, Respect, Determination, Patience, Self-development, Reliability, Respectability, Self-criticism, Composure within company, Feel in confidence for the future, Employees who handle the business as their own, Democratical working platform, Assiduity, Honesty.

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